After losing steam on my last comic strip, I decided to go with a character that was a fan favorite and fun to work with. Harold’s adventures in the mini-comics have almost written themselves and are a blast to work on. I hope this combo make this strip easier to create on a regular basis.

During the time off I have been working hard to enhance my skills. I have learned vector drawing and improved my coloring skills. I plan to draw this strip using the computer 90% of the time. Only drawing minor thing by hand. I hope this will also speed up the process of creation. However the Promo strip was drawn by hand and colored/edited inside the computer.

When does this strip start? I’m shooting for the first week of October. The strips will jump back and forth from Black & White to Color. This decision is based on the how the print version of this comic will look.

I’m very excited about this new strip. So it’s time to stop typing and start drawing.