Over the next few days I will be sharing a little about my SDCC trip. I had an awesome time and love going to this show. I have attended it over 20 times and plan to keep attending.


Outside of the home that I was staying at – Phil and Pam made this the best SDCC ever – they were the greatest hosts ever. Was not sure what to expect at first, staying at a strangers house whom I had never met, but they were awesome. So glad to have met them.

11694819_10200920658615342_6633935219355283447_nEvery morning I stopped at Panchita’s Bakery to get some goodies to start my day. It’s kind of like tradition. I usually got to the one on C street, but I’m sure the others are just a s good.

11692569_10200916137582319_5585055593626334441_nMy family always asks me to take selfies, so I do. Thie one is outside the My Little Pony area. Know that I had taken severalĀ selfies just like this to make my family smile, but I will not bore you with posting them here. Check out my Instagram if you want to see them all.

1513902_10200921854925249_1573531392045913620_nThis one is outsid the convention center as I’m leaving on Sunday. To me, besides hanging out with my family, this is the happiest place on earth – SDCC is kind of like my Disneyland.

More tomorrow,


Ps. Just realized that some how I forgot to pre-post Friday’s strip for July 19th. It should be up now. Sorry!