Happy New Year – I hope 2013 is AWESOME for you, because I plan on it being AWESOME for Cousin Harold and myself.

Today I thought I’d share some behind the scenes art. When creating backgrounds for Cousin Harold, I adopted the Looney Tunes style of creating a full backgrounds and just showing the pieces that might be needed in the background of each scene.


first we have the ‘Interrogation Room’ which has 4 wanted posters in the background. I think I was able to sneak The Chicken and Jenny into a couple of panels, but The Cowboy & The Rockstar never made it.


Next we have the ‘Doctor’s Office’ which I believe was fully shown. I’m really proud of the Cat Diagram to the left.

Both of these were use in the ‘One-Eyed One-Toothed Hairy-Orange Cheese-Eater!’ which starts here.