This storyline is really special. My wife about 2 years ago was making fun of me and sat down to show me that it was easy to create a comic story. She got about 2 1/2 pages into it and was done. I told her that I liked what she was doing and that she should finish it, then I would draw it. She said it was finished, but the story stopped right in the middle (even in the middle of the page).

Fast forward to earlier this year. My wife seeing me stress about my Kickstarter, took up a small collection from family and friends and backed my Kickstarter for a Guest Spot. I found this all out after the Kickstarter was over. She said that she wanted me to do her story that she had been writing and have our 2 cats F. Thomas and Kyle Martin guest star in my strip.

So we sat at out kitchen table (where most of my comic magic happens) and created this story with help from my daughter and son. It is so AWESOME to have all their support. I love you Alys, Deni and Parker!