So I had the idea to give some ad space in my new strip to friends and other creators.

The idea is you do a drawing of Harold (and maybe even Fester, but the drawing must at least have Harold in it.) In exchange I will list you as the artist of the drawing and put your url in the strip.

I did a sample of what I think a basic strip would look like featuring a pin-up. It’s kinda like a little commercial break from the strip, which will hopefully help me stay of track with the strip.

I plan to use the pin-up commercials in between breaks in the strip.

If you are interested drop my a message with your email and I will send you the Photoshop layout I use to design the strip. Or you can send me a pen and ink drawing (digitally or in the mail) and I will put together the strip.

(I reserve the right to edit any art sent in, so that if will fit within the strip’s guidelines. Artwork is owned by the artist, but the strip and Cousin Harold characters are owned by me.)

This should be fun!