Things are in full swing here at the comic mines below dennmann Mansion in beautiful P-Town. I’m wrapping up Jenny Spookawski #3 this weekend (1st book of this years subscription), I made a deal to bring you a very special book this year with your subscription. (more info to come) and I made a discovery (more on that at later date.)

Sorry for the cryptic messages, but I don’t want to announce all the surprises at once!

At this this point 2015 looks like it will be a very fruitful year for me and my comics. I have plans to release Cousin Harold #8, #9 and the King-Size Mini-Comic, Jenny Spookawski #3, A mini-Comic Day book, A Free Comic Book Day Book, The very special book mentioned above, a book to go along with the special discovery mentioned above and the 24hour comic. That’s 9 books by my count, no promises but those are the plans for this year.

Plus there are some stretch cool surprise planned.

IT is going to be a seriously Awesome Year!