I Love Comics!

Today’s Pin-up is by one of my all-time comic heroes, Ted McKeever.

Rewind a bit, about 20 years ago whne my wife and I said our “I Do’s” we went to California on our Honeymoon. I had a small list of comics I was looking for and on that list were the last few issues of Eddy Current that I was missing to complete the series. I found those issues and was so excited to finally get to read that story.

Last year, I first meet Ted at Phoenix Comicon in 2014 at the end of the show as he was browsing through my buddy Eric’s Ocho comics. Ted point out that he was looking for something different and came upon our booths. I was flabbergasted, talked with him a little, gave him a comic and got a picture.

Fast forward to this year’s Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and who should come to my table looking for something different, Ted (and he remembered me from Phoenix). I gave him a book again and talked with him a little more and asked him to do a Harodl drawing if he had the time. The next Day I went over and talked with him much more than I ever had. Told him about some of my big up coming plans for comics in Arizona and he game me his card and said to keep in touch. Oh he also gave me this AWESOME Harold Pin-up! Thanx Ted!!!

Check out Ted McKeeveer’s blog for more info on what his up to and pick up some of his comics, they are Excellent!

Thanx again Ted,