The San Diego Comic Con is this week. I will be at the Cartoon Art Museuam booth #1930 again this year (Thursday 11-12 and Sunday 12-1). Below is a complete list of scheduled cartoonist.

Thursday, July 9
11am-12pm: Andrew Farago, Denny Riccelli
12-1pm: Malachi Ward, Matthew Sheean
1-2pm: Jeffrey Brown, Betsy Streeter
2-3pm: Lex Fajardo, Frank Jordan
3-4pm: Ambrose Quantanilla, Kevin Coulston
4-5pm: Tony Guaraldi-Brown, Sinclair Klugarsh
5-6pm: Jonathan La Mantia, Sinclair Klugarsh
6-7pm: John Hageman, Sinclair Klugarsh

Friday, July 10
11am-12pm: Malachi Ward, Matthew Sheean
12-1pm: Jon Macy, Phil Foglio
1-2pm: Mike Dubisch, Ron Yavnieli
2-3pm: Jen Vaughn, Lalo Alcaraz
3-4pm: Tony Guaraldi-Brown, Sinclair Klugarsh
4-5pm: Mike Hampton, Jonathan La Mantia
5-6pm: Lea Hernandez, Dean Yeagle
6-7pm: Seamus Smith

Saturday, July 11
10-11am: Andrew Farago, Jeffrey Brown
11am-12pm: Larry Marder, Betsy Streeter
12-1pm: Dean LeCrone, Jen Vaughn
1-2pm: Debbie Huey, Greg Espinoza
2-3pm: Rod Espinosa, Kevin Coulston
3-4pm: Tony Guaraldi-Brown, Sinclair Klugarsh
4-5pm: Kraig Rasmussen, Sinclair Klugarsh
5-6pm: John Green
6-7pm: Seamus Smith

Sunday, July 12
11am-12pm: Ron Yavnieli
12-1pm: Denny Riccelli
1-2pm: Michael Aushenker, Dean LeCrone, Sinclair Klugarsh
2-3pm: Tony Guaraldi-Brown, Sinclair Klugarsh
3-4pm: Rod Espinosa
4-5pm: Andrew Farago