I know I have it this time!

Wow, comics has been an amazing ride for me (this time), so far. It all started in 2008 with theGet that Chicken mini-comics (my return to putting out work after a 10 years absence.) 2009 followed quickly with the webcomics version of Get that Chicken. I spent 2009 learning how to color through my strip Lollygaggin’ Adventures. And then I took some time off  —

— The plan was to return with my greatest creation Jenny Spookawski in 2011. But during the 6 months I was off developing the strip, I appeared to have over developed it. I quickly pulled the plug as the strip was turning into something, I’m not sure what but something and it did not feel good.

I switch my focus and wrapped up the Harold trilogy by creating DEATH. After the layouts for the mini were complete, I thought ‘This Harold might make an excellent webcomic.” Once DEATH was completed, I jotted down some ideas for a Harold strip and thus Cousin Harold was born.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


take care,