I have always wanted to use soundFX in my comics. But using English words to make the sounds, always looks so funny to me. I read quite a bit of online translated manga and like that the soundFX are still Japanese characters and I have no Idea what they say, but I can image the sound. Earlier this year I read Brandon Graham’s Comics Journal Interview and he talks about making soundFX that just look like the sound and he mentions basing this idead off of what he had seen in manga. It then hit me, why was I too stupid to ever try this. So from here on out I will be making up my own symbols for soundFX and using them in this strip.

Still a couple days before APE, very excite to share my work with new people. Don’t know if I will win the Isotope Award for mini-comics or not. I’m just looking forward to meeting new creators and making new fans. If you are one of the people who discovered be at APE don’t be shy and please post in the comments section.


Take care,