The original 24hr Comic Book day strip

Some opening thoughts/explanations on 24hr Comic Book day.  24hour Comic Book Day is an annual event that usually takes place in October. The goal is to draw 24 pages of comic story, in 24 hours.

I have tried the event 3 times now, and each time produced a story. However I have never been able to complete 24 pages in 24 hours. The first time I attempted the challenge I created a 12 page Jenny Spookawski story, which was unreadable. The second time a produced a 16 pager that I called CHEESE (and created Harold.) The third attempt produced the story that you are currently reading.

Each of these stories have been edited somewhat before they were released (with the exception of the original CHEESE.) That is why I’m sharing the original strips along with the edited ones as we venture through this story. You are really suppose to just release your 24 hour story as is, but I always seem to want to fiddle with the story a little. Whether that’s right or wrong, that’s how I play the game.

More 24hour Comic Book Day Discussion to come…..