Original Strip from 24hour Comic Book Day

I had attempted 24hr Comic Book Day several time over the years at home, but each time it was very easy to get distracted and stop working. So in 2009 when the chance came to do it out of the house at Spazdog Comics, I jumped at it. Being that this was the first time I was doing 24hour Comic Book Day seriously, I was very excited and had these grand plan to create an even grander story. The night was fun and I met a lot of people who have continued to be close friends. I even create Jenny Spookawski that night. But my story left a whole lot of wanting.

I think I finished about 14 pages or so but once I looked at these pages with non-sleepy eye, I realized I didn’t really finish anything. I had a stack of papers filled with scribbles on them, but I liked the character. So I made an attempt to save the work and cheated using the computer to edit the art and create somewhat of a story. Still very rough, sill not so good.

But I did learn a few things from that years 24hour Comic Book Day. Simple is better! Don’t go for too larger of a story. I also learned that I needed to draw smaller (page size) and with characters that took less work to create each time they were drawn. I also found out that my plan to have the wife drop me off and pick me up from the event, helped keep me there while almost everyone else droppes out or left early.┬áSo every year it the same thing. My wife drops me off and is scheduled to pick me up 24 hours later.

to be continued….