Week one is done!

A couple thought about the strip and it’s design. While I love webcomics. I’m even a bigger fan of print comics and plan to collect Cousin Harold into issues and trades once storylines are complete. In order to do this I had to plan ahead.

1st – Color or B&W, I decided to go with both. So some strips will be in color while others will be B&W. This choice was made to keep print costs down, plus I love B&W.

2nd – Layout, I planned the size and layout of the book before beginning the strip. Basically 2 strips will make up a page in the printed edition. So sometimes the beats of the story will better fit the printed edition than the web edition.

Hope you are enjoying the strip so far. I know I am. As I write this I’m working on week 4 and just getting to the part were we beginning the first case. Don’t worry some cool and funny stuff happens between now and then.


take care,