The original strip from 24hr Comic Book Day

Saying I was the only one there was a little bit of a lie. I was the only one there for the first 12-13 hours, but then as night fell two friends joined me. Thanx Caleb and Gren for hanging out and drawing with me through the night.

So at about 9pm (12 hours in) I had 8 strips done. So I made the decision to only do a 16 strip story. Wrong choice! I had been picking up steam and was finishing strips rather fast. I might not have made 24 pages, but I would have gotten at least 20. Oh well live and learn.

So at 8 pages I had to make a decision on what to cut out. And I picked, the actual fight. Big disappointment for me. I had something really awesome planned for the fight, but now it was just going to be a memory, or was it?

to be continued…..