Almost forgot – This week I will be updating 5 time to celebrate Valentine’s Day!


Original strip from 24hr Comic Book Day!

Yesterday I talked about the new characters, but they are not the only ones who took quite a bit of time to draw. At home when I create my Cousin Harold strips I have a Lab of pieces that I use when I draw Harold and Fester. For 24hr Comic Book Day, I thought using the lab would be cheating so I started both of them from scratch. Harold is fairly quick to draw, but Fester takes quite a bit of time, which is why there are so few Fester appearances in the story.

I drew about 10-15 Harolds through out the day and edited them as I needed when creating new panels and pages. Even with this advantage it was over 3 hours before I finished my first strip. Putting me even further behind. But once I started assembling pages, most of them took about 45 minutes each so I was making great time and it appeared that my plan was working.

Another side note – While many of my comic pals stopped by and said “Hi!” to show support through out the day. I was the only one there drawing and it’s hard to keep momentum by yourself, but I was determined!

to be continued…..