Original strip from 24hr Comic Book Day

In 2010 I came ready to get the job done. Prepared with the experiences from 2009, I knew I could (and would) do a better job at this years 24hr Comic Book Day. I had made the decision to draw smaller and create a simple character to draw. That day I came up with Harold. I also knew I wanted my story to be a mystery of some type, so I had Harold lose his cheese. For the first couple of hours I was really worried that I would not be able to come up with a satisfying conclusion to the story and then it hit me. And I drew the last page immediately.

At one point during the night I fell behind talking a little to much with people, so I came up with an idea to help my catch back up. I would make the centerfold of the book a double page spread. So I drew it. I figured I would be able to finish two pages in the time it took to do one. Boy was I wrong. That double page spread took me almost 3 hours and put me further behind. Through this I learned to never try a double page spread to catch up on time.

At about the halfway mark through this 24 hour Comic book Day, I made the decision to only complete 16 pages. Because at that point I had only completed 8 pages in 12 hours. So while I was not going to make the 24 page goal, I was going to create a complete story during the allotted time.

I’m super proud of the story I created during those 24 hours. CHEESE is a pretty rad book and I have sold around 200 copies of it to date. I’m currently working up a digital version to share with you later this year.

to be continued…..