2013-02-06-gonnadoOriginal strip from 24hour Comic Book Day

A quick side story.

It was 24hour Comic Book Day 2010 and my best comic pal Eric Mengel (creator of OCHO) could not join me due to previous family arrangements. Then at about 9pm who walks through the door with 20 pages of a story pencilled, my pal Eric Mengel. Turns out he was drawing in the car all day as the family drove around Northern Arizona.

He drew his pages just slightly bigger than the mini comic size he prints them at, so it didn’t take long to fill them up and it took even less time to ink them. This proves that you should draw smaller if you want to finish all 24 pages, which he did. He even finished about an hour before me and I only did 16 pages..

Ocho #14 is the book he drew that night, A space adventure featuring his classic character. I know he thinks this issue is rough, but it happens to be one of my favorite. So raw and to the point. He tells me he got the idea from the first word he heard spoken on the television when he turned it on that morning.

More on my 24 hour Comic Book Day experiences this Friday…..