The original strip from 24 Hour Comic Book Day

In 2011 I sat out 24 Hour Comic Book Day for a trip to APE. I had entered a hard cover edition of CHEESE-MONEY-DEATH in the Isotope Mini-Comic competition. I didn’t win, but I had a great time and handed out 50 more copies of the CHEESE mini while I was there.

I was really sad sitting this year out, with my friends back home making comics. However I found out that basically every cashed in earlier and there was little comic making being done that year.

Once I got home from APE, I could not wait for the year to pass, so that I could participation in the 2012 24 Hour Comic Book Day.

To Be Continued…..

A side note, in celebration of Valentine’s Day next week, Cousin Harold will return to the 5 day a week schedule for the week.