2013-02-11-hmmmThe Original Strip from 24 Hour Comic Book Day

After sitting out 2011, I could not wait until 2012. I made plans to do 24 Hour Comic Book Day digitally and post the strips as I went. I had been drawing Cousin Harold digitally for over a year at this point and thought that it would be no problem doing 24 strips in 24 hours. Was I wrong.

I started out the day at 9am at Jesse James Comics. Set up my computer and got to work. I brought some paper to layout the strip before I started working on it in the compute. I also thought It would be best to start with some character designes. I knew what Harold and fester looked like, but what about the bad guys for this strip (Chuck and his unnamed manager). So I quickly designed them, and by quickly, they took 45-50 minutes each. So I was already about 2 hours behind before I even started drawing strips, man what a way to start.

A quick word of thanks to Jesse for opening up his doors (now twice) to support 24 Hour Comic Book Day. He is one awesome retailer and a good friend.

To be continued…..